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Monday, February 25, 2013

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to give you guys an update as to where I stand with bait making, and also include a fishing report/summary for the 2013 year(so far). 

Unfortunately, not too much progress on the new company yet.  Still not sure when I will be able to get this going.  On a personal level, too much going on right now for me to even be focused on pouring plastics, but it is something I will continue to do once I have the appropriate work area to make everything.  You will not see me make a post that I will no longer be doing this at all, so whatever rumors people may be spreading, pay no attention to them ;)  As always, you can contact me with any questions you may have or if you just wanna talk about fishing.  My email address is tclures@hotmail.com if you want to get a more detailed explanation of where I stand with everything. 

On my down time, I have been able to fish more often, mostly sessions of an hour or less but hey its still being out there.  Since the turn of the year, all of my best sessions have been at minus tides.  Sadly the last new moon we had was probably the last real good chance at having a stellar session from the shoreline the way I do, and I was only able to get out one day.  Since the turn of the year I have caught 191 spotties, and after being bored and curious, I figured I would break them down by size.  Here is what it looks like:
49- 10" and under
65- 11"
42- 12"
14- 13"
12- 14"
4- 15"
3- 16"
3- 17"

Average size by math, 11.6", well below the 12.8" from last winter, and there were more fish caught last year too. 

38 spotties caught in the morning(before 9am), 112 caught in the late afternoon/early evening minus tides(1pm-5pm), 41 caught at night time(after 7pm).  Every single fish caught on plastics.
This winter season has been the slowest one for bassin in at least 4 years.  I really expected it to be crazy, I was well prepared for it, but wasnt prepared for the disappointment lol.  Those who are able to get a little further out there on boats or yaks should have way better numbers than mine, close to shore fishing from foot or tube was really hit and miss.  A couple weeks ago the moss bloom has taken over the shoreline in Mission Bay, making a pain to deal with.  I hate trying to get the junk off my bait after I reel it in, and I cant stand the smell when the low tide exposes it.... 
So, not only have I began my vina hunting(classified- sorry), but I already made an early transition to surf fishing.  North County beaches are getting really nice numbers and sizes on spawning perch.  If gas wasnt an issue I would be all over it, but I am stuck to my home grounds in Mission Beach where the micros are willing to play.  Honestly, its a breath of fresh air compared to Mission Bay right now, pun intended. 
For those of you who like soaking baits for big fish, there have been some rather huge bat rays being caught lately.  I will also be dusting off the cobwebs on the Teremar to take part in that action soon. 

I want to thank those of you who have kept in touch regardless of my situation, I appreciate you all checking in on me.  Anyone interested in surf fishing, send me a message.  I will be out early on weekends. 

Hopefully I will have some good news about the new company soon...  Keep the lines tight!