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Thursday, April 12, 2012

T&C Tubers contest patterns, and maps

Here are the float tube event patterns that will be used. These baits are NOT for sale just yet. From top to bottom they are Sea Breeze, Road Kill, and Electric Deen. Please see the float tube event posting a little below for more information.

Here are a couple maps of where we will be at Spanish Landing. The first map shows you how to get in. From Harbor Drive(red), you turn into parking lot(green) from Lee Ct.
There is plenty of FREE parking here, just drive right in and park, just make sure you do not park in stalls where you need a permit, I think there are two of them.
There are restrooms at the end of the parking lot just before you get to the sand, and there is a shower also if you want to rinse your tube off afterwards. The yellow "X" is where the check in headquarters will be.
There is one boundary noted in ORANGE in the 2nd photo, please do not venture beyond this point. You all know the routine, if you have any questions please email me at tclures@hotmail.com.

NOTICE- Local San Diego customers

This notice is to inform those who choose to come and pick up their orders instead of paying shipping fees, that from now on when choosing this option, you will still have to send payment with shipping charges included and will be refunded the shipping charge once the order is picked up. You will have 3 days from the time you are notified of your order being ready to come pick them up, otherwise they will be shipped. I try to be as flexible as I can be, but its just becoming more impossible for me, and it seems most do not understand the concept of having to pick them up on MY time. This is mentioned before every transaction is completed to those who want to pick up their baits. I now have 3 orders that have been paid for and sitting in my car for over a week, I would rather not accidentally sell them off or lose them or something. So, shipping fees due on every order, and then refunded when picked up within the 3 day limit. Sorry if this inconveniences you, it does for me too...

Friday, April 6, 2012

Float tube event changes

Originally we were going to have a 2-man team float tubing session where each team represents one T&C bait pattern. This event has been canceled. I have tried to reschedule this event a couple times, and inclimate weather, or not enough people being able to show up on the new date has made it hard to get it going, so here is what is going to happen now.

I have 3 new patterns that are not on my color chart. You get to choose which one of the 3 patterns you want to represent, and use it for the entire 3 hour session. I am looking for 3 anglers to represent each pattern. If any pattern already has 3 anglers representing it, only the remaining patterns will be available. If 2 patterns have all three anglers, only the 3rd will remain. If we get all 9 anglers, and there is still time to take in more I will start a stand by list. I will only accept 1 angler per pattern on the list to help keep things even. For example, say we have all 9 spots taken and John D. wants to participate, he chooses a pattern and gets put on the list. At that point, only 2 spots would be available for the other 2 patterns. If a second person is added to the list, then whoever wants to join would only be able to represent the remaining pattern. Once the three patterns have an extra angler they would be included in the event. This would just repeat itself again if more people are interested in participating. I am not expecting a huge turnout, but you never know so I am going to put a cap on this one at 5 anglers per pattern.

The cost to enter this event is $3, which basically covers the 6-pack of baits, and is due when signing up. Like orders, payment is to be made via paypal, or in person if you want to come and track me down wherever I am at. Your name will not appear on the entry list unless you have paid. I will not profit from the $3 entry, I usually sell half a dozen baits for $4... I just want it to be a fun outing while everyone gets to try the new patterns at a bargain price. Nothing is free :/
If you sign up and later find out that you wont be able to make it, I will refund your money.

Photos of the fish that are caught are required to qualify for prizes. Prizes will be given out for the biggest bass, and biggest halibut. The team/pattern that catches the most fish will recieve a voucher for 20% off their next T&C order, and the winning pattern will also be the next one added to the color chart.

The date for this event is Saturday, May 5th from 8am-11am at Spanish Landing(sandy launch area). Sign ups will start on April 14th and remain open until the first 9 spots are filled. Once they are filled, the main list would be closed and the next guy would be put on the stand by list. Once there is 3 more anglers to represent the 3 patterns on the list you will be notified, then you can send payment for entry and be added to the main list. This would be repeated one more time if necessary to hit the 5 angler cap.

I will post pictures of the contest patterns sometime next week so you can start the decision process before the sign ups are open. For right now, the pattern names are:
*Sea Breeze
*Electric Deen

Sign ups are to be made either through email/paypal or in person/cash. Im a hard person to follow, so email/paypal is best unless you dont mind driving ;)
I will also have a more detailed version of the directions, rules, and boundaries sometime next week.
I am crossing fingers that we will have great weather this time....

As always, if you have any questions, email me at tclures@hotmail.com.

Monday, April 2, 2012

March winner, or winners?

This is where a good tape measurement shot comes in handy, deciding a winner for March was tough. Lots of nice fish were caught, and I was able to narrow it down to 3 photos.

I have decided to call this one a 3-way tie... I will send each of you a little something for your support, and the constant photos you are always sending me. Thank you to everyone who submited photos, there were other fish caught including corvina, halibut and baracuda this month, just not quite big enough to take on these chunky bass.

For April and May, there will be a seperate contest for silver fish. This includes bonito, baracuda, corvina, corbina, croaker, bonefish, mullet, and yes, even mackeral. This doesnt mean a seperate contest for each species, just silver fish in general. The bait must be visible in the photo as always, and tape measurements in the photos are encouraged, but not required. I will be waiting for your photos ;)

Another contest in April? Sure.....

I wanna see some largemouth bass photos for those of you who use any T&C Lures baits in the freshwater! 1st one over 12" with a taped shot and visible bait posted on our facebook page will be rewarded with a special package. The fish must be caught this month, no posting old pics lol.

Also, from June through the end of August there will be a seperate photo contest for legal halibut. For this contest, a tape measurement shot and visible bait in the photo are required to qualify.

Now, a little bit of news. I would say 70% of the photos I received this month had the razor clam in it. I will update the color chart tomorrow. From the reports I have been getting, and from the ones I have been seeing, the bass bite has slowed down a bit but the ones being caught are at least decent. Corvina and baracuda are roamin around all over right now munchin on the grunion and smelt. Im expecting to see a few reports involving them this month. Halibut should also start to bite more as well.


If any of you might know someone who understands 3D cad/cam software and knows how to use a cnc machine, please contact me at tclures@hotmail.com. I have some projects I am trying to have finished but I am at a stand still. I would much rather have my creations cut from a mill instead of having deformities in my hand crafting.

Dont forget about the bait sale this week, $1 off each package.