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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Almost a year since last post, still no change...

Like the title says, almost a year ago since my last post, and still no progress. Let me tell you, buying terminal tackle has been killing me lol. I really appreciate those of you who check in every now and then just to see how things are going. Even though it kills me to not have any better news for you, it makes me happy knowing I still have some supporters out there. Lots of you have been following my posts on SD Fish, and have been sending me tons of messages there as well. Thank you. Its been quite a while since I have even poured a bait or a jighead, and I am running out of all my old Big Hammers haha. I need to at least fins one weekend I could just go pour crazy so I have some more. Trust me, you guys arent the only ones who miss the swimgrubs, or the jigheads. I go through Hammers left and right, no where's near the durability of my stuff. But it is what it is. I still use the same email address if anyone wants to drop me a line. tclures@hotmail.com. I have been meeting several new people from SD Fish lately, mainly for bassin. This year was a crazy good year for it, matter of fact it was good enough to keep me away from bean stalkin at the beaches haha. I will be having a little minus tide bass fishing get together if anyone is interested. That will be during the next full moon in a couple of weeks. Email me, or find me on SD Fish, my screen name is DJ Thrillz.