T&C welcome.

Welcome to the T&C Lures blog! We are a small company out of San Diego, CA that's just starting out. Read on and learn more about T&C and our awesome hand poured plastic baits such as the Swim Grub! In the main page of our blog we will be posting updates on new products, new colors, and plenty of fishing reports from both us and our fans. Also check us out on Facebook.

About us


My name is Kevin Taylor. I'm 35 years old and I was born and raised in San Diego.
I started fishing when I was 9 years old, soaking cut anchovies or squid at all of our local fishing piers. I did this heavily until I was 20, then I found out what fast cars were. After spending a lot of money on cars and getting into plenty of trouble, I met my wife. It was then that I got back into fishing. With the internet at my fingertips I was able to search online for tips and how to's to catch more fish, and we ran into a website called scsurffishing.com. I have been a member there since 2008 and I have met several great people and also learned tons of information about catching fish. I really enjoy targeting Shortfin Corvina in our bays, and Corbina in the surf. Now I enjoy making my own baits and color patterns.


It wasnt until recently I had the idea of making my own baits and colors. I will put 90% of the blame on Jeremy, a member of scsurffishing.com, for making a "whale tail" worm and letting me try it. I got a hit on my first cast with it and I was amazed. That same night I did some research on making molds and pouring soft plastic. I ordered some materials and started experimenting. I mentioned to Jeremy about a half swimbait, and half grub I wanted to make. At first, he said to me there are tons of baits like that out there.... Next thing I know he made a mold at his machining class and brought it to me to play with. Not really what I had in mind but I made some inexperienced pours and was still able to catch fish with them so I was excited! I asked him to do a little this and a little that it to make it more like I visioned it and he did so. He handed me version 2.0, which was absolutely perfect and I dubbed it the "swimgrub." The swimgrub has caught the eyes of people from at least 4 different fishing forums, and is rapidly gaining popularity. Who knows, it might just catch you your biggest fish..... -Kevin


Hi, My name is Jeremy, and I've lived in San Diego almost all of my life. Surprisingly, I never fished at all until a couple years ago when my mom's boss offered to take me out fishing in San Diego bay. I caught a grip of spotties and also hook into this drag burner that about spooled me. The fish popped off but I was left with this insane desire to catch fish all the time. I had no idea how to do it, though, and I didn't have any friends who fished, either. So I had to turn to the web and met some great people on scsurffishing.com.

How did I get started making tackle? Some people make their own tackle because they are unhappy with what's out there. That wasn't my primary motivation. I just wanted the challenge. While I was in my machining class I saw another student make molds for his own fishing lures and it really intrigued me. I said, "Looks easy. I can do this."