T&C welcome.

Welcome to the T&C Lures blog! We are a small company out of San Diego, CA that's just starting out. Read on and learn more about T&C and our awesome hand poured plastic baits such as the Swim Grub! In the main page of our blog we will be posting updates on new products, new colors, and plenty of fishing reports from both us and our fans. Also check us out on Facebook.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meet and greet date changed

It looks like we are in for really bad weather this weekend, so we are postponing this Saturdays meet and greet. I am not sure what day we will choose just yet but it wont be too far away, probably within the next couple of weeks. Please check back here for the latest updates.

Monday, February 14, 2011

In need of an owner....

These brown baits are up for sale, they have no name other than brown bait. It's a small lot of 10 slim slugs and 5 calikillers that will be sold together. Price is $12 cash pick up, or $14.50 including shipping. If you are interested, please email me at tclures@hotmail.com and title subject "brown baits".

Thursday, February 10, 2011

For local San Diegans....

For those of you who have made orders and followed through on your end, and showed up with your payment and to collect your order, thank you! Your honesty and commitment is appreciated.

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks that me making a ton of baits and driving around all over the place to meet them is a big deal. I have given the local people a chance to make orders without paying a dime until their order was ready. This is no longer the case. I recently made a post stating that I would honor cash/bait exchanges as long as the customer follows through with their end. Since that post it has happened 4 more times. I will no longer make baits on anyones word that they will show up at this place and this time. From now on all orders will be paid through paypal or payment can be made by cash/check/money order through the mail. The only other way I will meet up with locals is during our meet and greets which will be happening once every 4-6 weeks, or if they decide to travel to me wherever I am at to pay for their order upfront. All orders that are being picked up will take place either at Harbor Island in San Diego Bay, or at South Shores in Mission Bay. The only exception for baits being picked up is if the customer wants to travel wherever I am at, if I am available.

This might sound like a hassle, but I ask you to put yourself in my shoes and please understand how frustrating it is for me to spend hours making baits for a single sizable order, and then get the run around or no response again from that person, or to show up at agreed meeting location and wait forever and they never show up. It's plain rude and I am done with it.

I apologize to those who this may inconvenience. Please email me with any questions you may have about this issue at tclures@hotmail.com


Saturday, February 26th between 9am-11am
Harbor Island in parking lot across from the Hilton Hotel

I will not have too many baits on hand for sale, whatever I do have will be sold at regular prices. Those who make pre-paid orders(cash only) will pay $1 less for each pack of baits. The meet and greets are mainly for people to come out and meet us, and to see what our products look like, and maybe get a little fishing in :) I hope to see you there!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A seperate contest in March!

For the month of March only, I will be rewarding one dozen swimgrubs to everyone who catches a legal halibut with swimgrubs.
Pictures must include a tape measurement and the bait visible to qualify, and pictures have to be emailed to me at tclures@hotmail.com, or uploaded on our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/SwimGrub

The grunion are coming and the halibut will be all over the place, I am looking forward to seeing some good photos!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January 2011 Winner!

This nice calico bass was caught by Christopher Caaway using the razor clam swimgrub. This makes the third consecutive month the photo contests were won while using the razor clam swimgrub.

January's photo contest winner was a tough one to pick. There were a ton of nice looking bass caught and several of them were in the same size range. The only thing that really stood out was the fact that you dont catch too many legalish calicos from the shore, espescially quality ones such as the one pictured here.

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos, keep them coming! Just a reminder, though measuring your fish isnt required, if you can it would help me make my decision for a winner a little easier when there are so many to choose from.