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Monday, July 23, 2012

Back on the tube!

Just got my waders back from the factory.  I will be jumping back on the tube on my next off friday(August 3rd).  I will be targeting bonefish, and probably throwing plastics for bass while drifting.  This will be happening in SD Bay, but I will not disclose the AO.  If anyone wants to join me that morning for a try at them, email me at tclures@hotmail.com.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some news, and some thoughts...

First of all, I hope everyone has found some time to get out there and catch some fish!  I havent had too many photo entries this month, so please send them in, you never know your 12" spotty might win lol.  Wouldnt be the first time.... 
Shore fishing from the bays has been somewhat slow depending where you fish at.  Dont worry its sort of normal this time of year, just stay mobile and you will eventually find some action.  When you do, make sure to work the area over good before moving on.  I was actually able to squeeze in a couple bass sessions in Mission Bay last week, and once in SD Bay.  Only caught a handful of bass, but it was nice just to get out there again.  I have been spending 90% of my fishing time at the beaches hunting down corbina and big perch.  The beach is where a lot of the action is at during the summer, and so far I have turned 3 good bay fishing buddies of mine onto surf fishing, and they do not regret it.  They are having a blast!!!  If surf fishing is not your type of thing, then this is for you---  the best action in the bays has been from 5am-8am, regardless of the tides.  Once that sun breaks through these fish go hiding...  Thats pretty much why I only caught a handful of bass, because I was out there after 11am.  Dock fishing has produced the best bass action in either bay, throughout the day not just in the morning.  Night fishing for bass has been really dead, except during the full moons the last couple months.  We'll see if the next full moon stays the same.  Night time bait soaking for sharks and rays has been decent though.  Best times for those have been during the new/full moon phases. 

Back to tubing soon:

The last time I was able to fish from my tube was during the float tube event I held back in May.  I had been having problems with my waders(leaks) but decided to tough it out and get wet rather than postpone the event again.  I finally sent them in a few weeks ago and they are on the way back now, once I get them back I will be getting back on it.  I will be posting a friendly tubing get together for those who would like to join me for a couple sessions here on the blog, facebook, and on sdfish.com.  This is for fishing only, no contest.

2012 Bassin for Breast Cancer III:

I mentioned at least years BBC2 event that the one held in 2012 was going to be way bigger, and better.   What I didnt know was some things were going to change throughout the year and make things harder to get accomplished.  First of all, the ones who said they could help me do this, and do that, have been nonexistent, and with me dunking my phone in the water while tubing, destroying it and losing all my contacts I had saved in it really messed up things.  On top of that, I lost my father due to cancer back in February....  Even though it was expected to happen, nothing can really be the same after you lose one of your parents.  Depression, lack of motivation, and just worrying about my mother kept me from being involved in much, including trying to get the details worked out for this years BBC3.  I stopped fishing for a bit, put off orders, and forgot all about everything.  As of right now, it looks like the BBC3 contest will just be another one just like the last two, the only difference is going to be that any bait can be used.  This is because I do not expect to have any extra time(or money) to make baits and jigheads like I did last year.  I am hopeful I can at least come up with a few prizes, maybe get a couple donations or something....  I am very appreciative of those who donated stuff, and helped me out last year, and espescially thankful to those of you who participated in the event.  I will do my best to make this upcoming BBC3 event a fun one.  If anyone wants to help out with this wether it be physically or with a raffle donation, I would really appreciate it!  I do not have a date set for this yet, but it will be in October for sure, just like the last two. 

There is one thing that did occupy my time after dad passed away, and some of his words of encouragement is what made me start the process on getting it going, which brings me to this...

The future of T&C Lures....

I have expressed to a couple of people that I had some projects lined up, but that they were NOT going to be T&C related.  Now that rumors are coming back to me about it(thanks a lot...  :P)  I figured I would just fill you guys in on whats going on.  Originally, I didnt know how long T&C Lures was going to last just due to the prices of everything, and the fact that I could not buy anything in bulk, which is basically the only real way to make any decent kind of profit in the bait making business.  This has always been more like a hobby to me than a business, and I pretty much treated it like one while trying to be professional about it along the way.  I have met a bunch of great people, and I appreciate everyone who has supported T&C Lures to this point.  I can only hope I find similar results when I start my upcoming venture(to be officially announced later).  At this moment I am unsure of how much longer T&C Lures will be operational, it really depends on how long it takes me to finalize the other projects.  Once they are finished, I make the announcement.  If I had to take a guess at a time frame, I would say January, but the goal is to start the new business by November.  It may be a lot sooner if everything works out right.  Or, things could get all screwed up and it might be until next summer, like I said I really dont know.  But for now, everything is normal.  When I am finally able to make the announcement, I will more than likely have one last package sale, as well as an online auction for whatever I have left, and I would keep the operation open for a couple more weeks for those who wish to make their final orders.  I am both happy and sad about this move for personal reasons.  I am sure a lot of you will have questions, please feel free to email me at tclures@hotmail.com with any you may have. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

June winners!

Alex Williams caught this chunky 15" spotty on the black widow swimgrub, he wins the regular photo contest :)

Mike Belk caught this very nice 29.5" halibut on a ghost shrimp pattern swimgrub,he wins the halibut photo contest!
There was a tie for the silver fish contest, both fish were claimed to be between 21"-22".  Rob Hall caught his corvina on the ghost shrimp pattern swimgrub, and Ferdie caught his on the manchovy pattern swimgrub.

For July, I was supposed to have a seperate 4th of July contest with a special pattern, I havent had much time to make anything lately other than a few small orders so there will be no 4th of July contest this year, I am sorry to those who were looking forward to this.  If it makes you feel any better, last years contest resulted in NO pictures of fish caught lol. 
There will be our normal contest, a silver fish contest(last one for this year) and another halibut contest.  Please include bait and taped shots in your photos of the halibut you catch, had a bunch of halibut entries but only 2 with tape measurements, one was a taped shot but no bait in the photo...  The silver fish contest does not require taped shots, just bait visible.  Same with the regular photo contest.