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Welcome to the T&C Lures blog! We are a small company out of San Diego, CA that's just starting out. Read on and learn more about T&C and our awesome hand poured plastic baits such as the Swim Grub! In the main page of our blog we will be posting updates on new products, new colors, and plenty of fishing reports from both us and our fans. Also check us out on Facebook.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

T&C Lures no longer available

Well it looks like time is up for T&C Lures.  I want to thank everyone again for all of their support.  Its pretty satisfying seeing and hearing about people catching fish on plastics that I made.  In the near future, It will happen again with several of my other upcoming products.  I just hope that its sooner than way later.  Although the bait making hault altogether wasnt expected, the time off will be welcomed.  There is a lot going on in my life right now and putting lure making on the back burner will really help with the rush rush effect. 
The new company will definitely start sometime in 2013, but I do not have an exact date yet.  The best way to find out the latest news is by emailing me at tclures@hotmail.com.  I will continue to update here as progress is made.  Once I have a website up I will put up a notice here for a week or two, and then this blog will be taken offline.  If you try to reach me through facebook, it will probably take you a while as I do not go on there very much,  as I mentioned before I dont like social networking.  You can also look me up in the local fishing forums, Im pretty easy to find. 

Thanks again everyone!