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Friday, October 26, 2012

An unexpected change of plans.....

I was just informed that my mother is losing her place, and will more than likely not be living where she is at past the 15th of November.  How does this effect me?  My moms place is where I make everything at.  Baits, jigheads, and molds....  I am not able to make anything at my current place for certain reasons that I will not really go into, its just way easier and more convenient for me to do everything at her place.  This puts me in a tough position to move forward with anything to do with bait making.  As of right now I have to deal with finding a new place to continue doing what I do.  I am not really sure how long it will take.

Since I have been trying to fade out of T&C and bring in the new company, I will not reopen under T&C Lures, it will be under the new company name.  Before today, the soonest I seen that happening was maybe the turn of the new year.  But that was with my previous complications of bait designing, schedule, and life happenings.  Not having a place to make anything is just going to push it out further, unless I can find somewhere else to make everything soon.  

Even though I expected to shut down T&C, I surely didnt expect it to go down like this.  I expected to shut it down one day, and reopen a new the next.  Not close it one day and reopen months later....  This is not something I am very happy about, but at the same time, a little downtime will give me some time to get things in order on a personal level.  So many things are happening in my life aside from the bait world that makes temporarily haulting the bait business not seem that big of a deal.  I hope to find solutions to all the issues that have presented themselves to me in the recent weeks, especially this new one.

I will be keeping T&C Lures operational until November 6th.  If you plan on making any orders, please keep in mind it may take me a couple extra days to complete orders as several people have expressed wanting to make a final order of T&C products before the shut down.  I would need to have all orders completed by November 9th since I will be spending a lot of time moving stuff after that.  If the orders get out of hand to the point where I know I wont be able to complete them and still have time to help my mom move out, I will notify you via email, and refund your payment.  Please know that its definitely a likely scenario.  As always, I will make the orders in the order received/paid for.

I am sorry to put such an abrupt stop to things, believe me I am still shocked over it.  I will not take the blog offline since this is where I will be updating any forward progress that I make as far as starting the new company goes.

I am not a big social media kind of person, I have always hated facebook lol, so you will not find any updates there.  For those that do not know, I can be found on some of the fishing forums that a lot of people frequent.
www.sdfish.com  (username- dj thrillz)
www.scsurffishing (username- staylor)
www.oceanicangler.com (username- T&C Lures)

There are other forums some of you have bumped into me on, but the three mentioned ones are the main ones I post on.
You can still send me emails on tclures@hotmail.com.  Even after I start the new company I will still keep this email address(I will have a new one of course too).
Those of you who know my cell number, dont be afraid to use it.  Those who want to aquire it, just send me an email, its attached to my signature ;)

I cant wait to start the new company, I hope its sooner rather than later.  Hopefully all of you will check in and stay updated on whats going on.  Hopefully you all become fans of the new company also.  Remember, the swimgrub will still be available once its underway.

And YES, we are still on for BBC3!!!  I hope to see a lot of you out there :)

I want to thank all of you for supporting T&C Lures.

Kevin Taylor