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Sunday, November 20, 2011

A quick report

I was able to fish a couple hours on Saturday at Harbor Island, and I had one of the better sessions of the year. I only wish I could have stayed out longer, left them biting... I ended up with 19 spotties, 3 mackeral, 3 lizardfish, and 2 halibut. I lost about 6 others. I never moved more than 25 feet to either side of me..... It was just that good. Water was pretty clean and there was very little current. A little windy but very managable.

So this morning I went out on Bill Hokstad's boat for an MB session, and needless to say all the fish were sleeping, all but a few... 4 anglers, 9 fish total for 5 hours of fishing. Conditions werent so bad since rain was in the forecast, we got light drizzle only once while we were out. The wind did pick up after 10am, that didnt help anything. MB has just been terrible for me this year with the exception of the month of January. Even though Mb is my favorite of the two bays, SD Bay is much more productive right now.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!