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Friday, August 26, 2011

A quick report!

First of all I want to thank everyone for your patience while I took a little time to hang out with my family, I appreciate it!

Yellowfin croaker, and black croaker seem to be biting ghost shrimp pretty good in both Mission Bay and San Diego Bay. Bass numbers have been way down compared to previous years around this time of year(in general- not my personal numbers although those are terrible too this year lol). Corvina are active, but a bunch of small ones for the most part. Still fun in my book! Bat ray fishing has been pretty decent in MB, and there have been lots of horn sharks being caught in the last couple of weeks. Not too many halibut reports, but as always there are a few being caught here and there. Corbina and spotfin croaker are still being caught at our local beaches, large sand crabs seem to be the ticket.

If next month stays on track with previous months of September, we should start seeing some bonito and baracuda roamin around the bays. Keeping fingers crossed, but this year has been a little wacky while trying to follow the pattern of the last 4 years.

Get out there and fish, see you on the shoreline ;)