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Monday, June 20, 2011

4th of July contest!

I will be making a special pattern swimgrub called "firework" for a contest on the 4th of July. This contest is for spotted bay bass, calico bass, and sand bass only. You must have both firework bait and a tape measurement clearly visible in the photo, no exceptions. The winner will have a choice of one of the following prizes:

1. (2) dozen packs of swimgrubs, one pattern per dozen
2. (4) half dozen packs of swimgrubs, one pattern per half dozen
3. (1) 8-pack of either calikillers or slim slugs, one pattern(combination allowed)
4. (2) 4-packs of calikillers or slim slugs, one pattern each pack(combination allowed)
5. half dozen swimgrubs of one pattern, 6-pack of calikillers or slim slugs of one pattern

Firework baits will be available in person only on Sunday July 3rd at Harbor Island in the parking lot across from the Hilton Hotel between 10am-11am. $1 gets you 3 baits(maximum 6 baits per person). If you are outside the San Diego area and would like to participate, you can paypal the funds to me and I will ship the firework baits to you. Shipping will be $1 plus whatever you spend on the baits. I will not ship these baits after Tuesday, June 28th.

Simple rules-
Fish have to be caught while using the firework pattern swimgrub only.
Contest starts on July 4th at 12am and will end at 11:59pm.
Photos must be emailed to me at tclures@hotmail.com no later than 5am on July 5th.
In a rare event of a tie, the decision will be made by a unanimous public vote on our facebook page.

Questions about this contest can be emailed to me at the email address mentioned above.