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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Some news and a ho hum report...

As of right now the shadheads are still not available. I am trying to make these myself but it is something I have never done before, and my time is limited on when I can even try to make them. Once I get the hang of pouring(and painting) lead then I will let everyone know that they are ready. After experimenting for a while, if this is something I feel I cannot do with success, I will remove them from the blog and not offer them for sale. Your continued patience is appreciated.
On another note, we will be adding some more color patterns to our chart in the next week. I have also decided to make all color patterns available for each style of bait. So for those of you who wanted smoke or golden sardine swimgrubs, now you can get them. Same goes with those who wanted slim slugs in a swimgrub pattern.

Shore fishing for halibut has slowed down a bit, but seems to be picking back up for bass. Good sized sargo being caught with ghost shrimp in San Diego Bay. If you have a boat or kayak, it is still the best way to get good numbers on different species, espescially in San Diego Bay. In Mission Bay, early morning baracuda being caught in quivira basin, mostly 18"-20" models. Spottys are starting to chew again all over, better models being caught at night time. Calico bass are biting off the South Mission Bay jetty(channel side). Last but not least good sized sand crabs are mixed in with the enormous micro sand crab beds, you just gotta dig a little deeper for them. Of course where there are good sized sand crabs there are california corbina, plenty of them being spotted in the skinny water, and several being spotted in groups of 3 or more at a time. Plenty of barred surf perch to be caught if you can get past the huge amounts of salad in the water.

Go catch some fish!