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Welcome to the T&C Lures blog! We are a small company out of San Diego, CA that's just starting out. Read on and learn more about T&C and our awesome hand poured plastic baits such as the Swim Grub! In the main page of our blog we will be posting updates on new products, new colors, and plenty of fishing reports from both us and our fans. Also check us out on Facebook.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I just wanted to remind everyone that the prices for swimgrubs will be going up on January 1, 2011. Dozen packs will be $6, and half dozen packs will be $4. Now is the time to order while they are still $5, and $3. Send an email to tclures@hotmail.com stating what baits you want and how many. I will respond to you with a total. Please do not send me any funds before I give you a total.

5" BAITS!!!

Calikillers, which are a 5" version of the swimgrub will be available in all current color patterns that are available for the swimgrub.
Slim slugs are 5" and will be available in 4 color patterns(for now).

The 5" baits will not be sold individually. Calikillers and slim slugs will be $5 for a pack of 4(one pattern), and $9 for a pack of 8(one pattern).

We will have some pictures of the larger baits up soon.