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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bassin For Breast Cancer III

Ok everyone its that time of year again for the T&C Lures Bassin for Breast Cancer fishing contest.  This years contest is not going to be as big as I was hoping for, but every donation counts in the eyes of the Komen foundation, and its a pleasure to help raise some money for them.  So wether I have 3 people enter, or 30 people enter I appreciate it very much!

The contest will be held at Harbor Island near the big parking lot in front of the Hilton Hotel from 9am-11am.  The $5 donation entry will remain the same, and all proceeds will go to the Komen For the Cure Foundation.  I supplied baits and jigheads for the previous contests... but with a really busy schedule and even lack of funds, I will not have any extra time to make anything for this contest.  Therefore, for this years BBC3 contest, any type of bait will be allowed.  So bring your confidence bait! 

I will have a very small raffle at the end of the contest, but will have a very nice grand prize that was donated by a very generous T&C Lures fan named Ron Huber, thanks again for the raffle donation!   For those of you who bring a raffle donation you will receive a coupon good for 1 dozen swimgrubs in my newest pattern that nobody has their hands on yet.  Raffle items do not have to be pricey....  It would be appropriate for them to be fishing related, but not required.  For example I included some movie passes last year, and will probably include some more this year, as well as some T&C Lures bait packages.   Some cheap raffle item examples include: Fishing line(8lb-12lb), leadheads, plastics, towels, fishing tools(needlenose pliers, hemostats, nail clippers etc.), bait scent, storage containers.... you get the picture.  But if you have something else thats non fishing related but feel that its something anyone can use, bring it for the raffle....  Gift cards anywhere, movie passes, dining certificates, hats, shirts, etc. 

Prizes will be given out for:
Most bass caught
Biggest bass(bonus prize if caught with a T&C Lures bait)
-BONUS- Any legal halibut

I cannot keep track of everyones catch, therefore a photo of the fish caught must be taken by a nearby fishing neighbor, or one of my scouts that will be around taking photos.  All photos should be full sized, meaning not just a shot of the fish, I want the angler in the photo also, at least from the waist up.  To qualify for the biggest bass prize, a tape measurement is required as well as a full photo and must have one of my scouts present to verify fish size and angler info so that it can be reported back to me and noted. 

$5 donation entries can either be in cash on contest date, or sent via paypal to tclures@hotmail.com.  To sign up for this charity event, email me at the same email address and type BBC3 in the subject heading.  Please be sure to include your first and last name, as well as any others who may be participating also. 

If you would like to donate something for the Komen foundation or for the raffle but do not with to fish in the contest, please contact me at tclures@hotmail.com.  All donations are welcomed, and appreciated. 

When:  October 27th(postpone date set for November 10th in case of rain) 
Where: Harbor Island big parking lot across from Hilton Hotel
Fee: $5 donation, 100% of proceeds go to Komen For the Cure Foundation

Contest prizes and raffle prizes
Drinks and snacks for participants

EDIT--- A couple things to add:
Anyone 16 or over is required to have a valid California fishing license with ocean enhancement stamp.

This event is from the shoreline only.  No boats, float tubes, or kayaks allowed. 

Some of you just might get to see first glance of the swimbait prototype I have been working on for months.