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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some news

Well lets face it, daytime fishing from the shore has been a little rough for the last couple months.  But, if you can get out on a boat, the halibut are going off really well right now, almost exactly a year later when it went off last year.  Out of all the recent bay reports I have seen and heard about, there have been several between 26"-32" caught either drifting large sardines, and even some caught on bass jigs with plastic trailers.  Surf fishing has rewarded a few lucky guys with some nice ones as well, most of them being caught with a shallow diving crankbait.  Speaking of surf fishing, thats where I have been spending most my fishing time as of late, and a couple things I wanted to note about include the nice spawning spotfin croaker that have been being caught here and there, some really nice corbina sightings, and all the 6"-11" perch you can manage.  Only bad part, is the conditions...  The sea weed infested shoreline has made it really tough to get decent sessions in, but those who toughed it out and found openings in the mess have found a steady bite until the next clump of junk rolled in.  Another thing worth mentioning for those of you who like to use heavy gear and big baits, the leopard sharks have been in really thick lately and they are gladly chewing on dead perch about 4" in length.  Last thing I wanted to mention about surf fishing, is the sunset bite seems to be rewarding anglers with really chunky yellowfin croaker, most being caught on sand crabs. 
Im not one to really post about sport fishing, but the Coronado Islands are putting out insane numbers of quality yellowtail, while the La Jolla area is still giving up a few decent white seabass and nice calico bass. 
Speaking of white seabass, there have been several of them being caught inside the bays, and a few nice 10lb'ers spotted swimming around Mission Bay.  Some of the nicer spotties have been caught with spinnerbaits, not too many nice plastic spotty reports coming in at all.

Whatever your fishing style is, get out there and get some.  There is always something biting somewhere.  Thats the beauty about our local waters here in this great city!