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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Silver fish of the month(April)

Nancy Ortiz landed this nice bonefish while fishing in the South Bay, she caught it with the 3" aquamarine pattern swimgrub.  She made sure that the bait was visible in the photo which will reward her with some new test patterns.  The photo did not do the fish any justice as it was pushing 19", a personal best for Nancy!

Kirk Gosset was my winner for being the first to send me a photo of a largemouth bass at least 12" with the bait and tape measurement visible.

Sean Weyer won the regular monthly photo contest with a nice halibut, but could have claimed the silver fish contest as well had he had the bait visible in the photo lol, he caught this nice 22" corvina while using the 3" jacksmelt pattern swimgrub.  There is still another silver fish contest for this month, so you still have a chance!  Remember, the bait must be visible, and taped shots are encouraged but not required for the silver fish contest.