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Sunday, November 27, 2011

A great weekend of bassin!

Both bays have put out plenty of fish this last week, with Friday and Saturday being the best sessions.
Harbor Island short sessions in the mornings followed by superb MB minus tide bass fishing in the early evenings.

Harbor Island numbers for the week:
4 sessions = 42 spotted bay bass, 4 halibut, 11 mackeral, 18 lizardfish. All fish were caught on 3 patterns at HI, leopard frog, keylime, and a baby bass pattern I have been working on forever.

Mission Bay numbers for Friday and Saturday:
2 sessions = 28 spotted bay bass, all caught on the baby bass pattern except for 2 that were caught with the ghost shrimp pattern. If I include all the hook ups that were lost right up front, the number would have easily been in the 50's. I lost a ton of fish....

The average size of the bass were between 9"-12" with a couple up to 14". There was absolutely no wind during any of the sessions, the water wasnt the cleanest but these huge tides always bring in a lot of junk. The fish didnt mind :)

It was nice running into several of you guys while out fishing, I hope the fishing was as good for you as it was for me.