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Monday, October 10, 2011

MB boat ride :)

The bonito are still being caught here and there, not in the biggest numbers or size, but after finally getting to have a full session I saw a couple hand fulls of boils in several different areas of MB. These are the smallest bonito I have seen come into the bay, 11"-12". In the last 5 years I have seen them get up into the 4lb range with an average one taping out around 15" or about 1.5lb. They have been hitting krocs, jointed rip baits, and top water baits.

On a side note, a few decent size bass were caught over the weekend also. Nothing to brag about, but far from micro status.

I want to thank Thomas and Craig for letting me tag along with them on the bay excursion yesterday morning, it always feels good to be on the water rather than on the shore... A little slow, but I managed 1 sand bass, 1 calico bass, and 8 spotties. I believe Thomas had a bonito and a few bass, and Craig had at least a hand full of bass. I cant wait to do it again :)