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Friday, June 3, 2011

Jighead update

Ok so I have been tinkering with making these things myself, and I am happy to say that they are coming out pretty decent. They are not perfect, but they are a lot better looking than some other heads that I have seen. Right now I have red 1/4oz shad heads, and red 3/8oz barrel heads for sale at a slightly discounted price. They are discounted due to slight imperfections, and I was about to take some pictures of them for you guys to see but my battery is dead and I seem to have hid the charger from myself(I lost the charger....) So not only can I not show you guys the heads, but I cannot take photos of the new bait patterns either so please bare with me a little bit.
Anyways, right now I am selling a 4-pack of red 1/4oz shad heads for $3, and a 3-pack of red 3/8oz barrel heads for $3. These are not normal prices, only for "chosen heads". Normal prices will be $3 per 3-pk shad heads, and $3.50 per 3-pk of barrel heads. The supply of these chosen heads are limited, first come first serve and I am sure there will be more as I screw them up while making them haha. I will say that these "chosen heads" are very fishable, some of you might not even see whats imperfect about them, or even care. I currently have 8 packs of shad heads, and 6 packs of barrel heads. I will let them all go at once for $35 if anyone is interested in them.
One more thing, these are regular heads without weedguards. I am not sure when or if I will start on those. I am more focused on just getting the regular heads done right now, and they will be available in numerous colors, which we will have a color chart for also coming soon. I have a bunch of black ones but they are not finished. Once they are done I will sort them out and discount the "chosen heads" again. I will have them done over the weekend.
I hope I can find my charger so I can take a bunch of pictures to share with everyone, I am trying to avoid buying a new camera.
As always if you guys have any questions at all, drop me an email at tclures@hotmail.com and I will try to respond as soon as I get a chance.