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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Once again they have increased the price on plastisol, this makes three times in the last 5 months! I enjoy making baits that catch fish, and I love the fact that so many people have supported us right through the rising costs of materials and shipping. However at the rate things are going, that fine line of barely breaking even is rapidly approaching.

We have spent countless hours making our products for all of you to enjoy, as well as ourselves. Personally I love making baits and experimenting with new patterns, although sometimes can be a pretty good pain in the back and feet. Just when I start getting soar the emails stop, and I am relieved with a week without orders lol. Once I start wondering why I havent gotten any orders in a while they start showing up in my inbox. Its like you guys know when to say when or something haha.

Ok so back to the subject. Prices, yeah they went up... not just for plastisol but for shipping as well. Gas prices suck, but on my end I decided to have you guys come to me rather than me spend time and gas meeting somewhere. Better for me yes, for you, well maybe not so much. But if you want something you are going to go get it, sort of like going to the store for whatever.

So...where am I going with this rant? It takes a lot of money to make a lot of money. We started with practically nothing and still pretty much have practically nothing lol, but one thing we were able to do was get more colors, glitters, molds, make new patterns, and get a couple other products out there other than just swimgrubs. We were even able to do a little bit of advertising. Even with the continuing increase of materials and shipping, we will not increase the price of baits or shipping, I didnt want to do it back at the turn of the year but I had to. Once the "no more profit" margin has been reached we will simply no longer be operational. We spend too much time and energy to be doing it for nothing. Until that day comes we will keep riding the wave.

Complaint for me, information for you. Rant over....